Who we are

 His Excellency Kallistos, Metropolitan  of Diokleia is Patron of Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals. He is pictured presenting at the Religion and Animal Protection conference in Oxford, 2014. 



Fr. Simon Peter Nellist is ArchPriest of Tanzania and also serves in Cyprus and England. He is Treasurer of this charity and was a professional accountant in many countries before entering the priesthood.



Dr. Fr. Andreas Andreopoulos studied in Greece, Canada and the UK, obtaining his Ph.D. in Theology and Art at Durham University. Since then, he has worked all over the UK, America and Canada, in additon to delivering conference papers and lectures accross the world. Dr Andreopoulos has been at the University of Winchester since 2010 and is Programme Leader for the MTh Orthodox Studies.

Dr Christina Nellist has a PhD in Eastern Orthodox Theology  (early and modern) which relates to animal suffering and human soteriology. She is a retired teacher and coordinator for Science who worked with the governments of  Chile and the Seychelles on animal protection and public health issues. She was the British government’s Warden for the islands of the Seychelles where she helped establish the Orthodox Christian Community and  the SPCA; wrote the first special education programme for children with learning difficulties and sponsored training on the link between animal abuse and interpersonal violence. She is editor of this site and has been given the honour and blessing of Met. Kallistos to establish this site, which also receives the blessing of Archbishop Gregorios.


Our aim is to promote Christ’s loving compassionate care for all of His creatures and to inform our readers that this subject has been discussed both in the Bible and by the early Church Fathers.  It will promote Eastern Orthodox teachings both ancient and modern in order to reduce the suffering of animals. It will also disseminate news/articles/interviews on compassionate care and relationships with animals from across the Orthodox world, together with articles and research on a wide range of contemporary animal issues. We would also like to hear your views and will try to share some of your photographs.

Our first aim is to create this website to advertise the existence of the group. We shall then be seeking donations in order to develop a professional website and pay for the checking of translations. If you are willing to help with translations please contact us at panorthodoxconcernforanimals@gmail.com.