Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change

In a discussion on this topic after my presentation on seminary and academic education, I mentioned a book launch and conference on the latest research in this area that i had attended entitled: Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change. Friday 8th March 2019 09:00-17:00 London, UK. These are further details:

Animal experimentation is one of the most controversial areas of animal use because intentional harms are inflicted upon animals in the hope of benefits to humans. However, the lesser known shortcomings of animal experimentation are increasingly documented. Over 50 worldwide experts have contributed to Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change to critically review current animal use in science, presenting innovative non-animal approaches, and offering a roadmap towards a world of animal-free science. For those seeking to phase out animal experiments and accelerate progress towards human-relevant methods, this open access book is an essential, comprehensive resource. At this launch event, authors will discuss their vision for how a paradigm shift can be achieved for animals used in science. Selected talks will cover scientific concerns with the animal model and how these are delaying scientific progress, how biomedical research can be made more human-relevant, and how the shift can be made away from animal models and towards humanised biomedical research and drug discovery. The event will conclude with a panel discussion of invited experts who will share their view for how progress can be accelerated for the benefit of animals and advancing human-relevant science.